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  • 12x12 inch Scrapbook--100% recycled photo-collage-pen-ink-watercolor textured 80lb. paper
    Eco-Friendly Blank Slate Scrapbook / Sketchbook 12 x 12"...

    Wow that's a big book! This Eco-Friendly Blank Slate Scrapbook / Sketchbook 12x12" by Ecojot sure is impressive. The heavyweight (80 lb) paper makes it ideal for both scrapbooking and/or working with wetter media (pen and ink, watercolor). Perfect for projects where you want a blank slate so you can make it completely your own - the 85pt board cover being...

  • 12x9 inch Scrapbook--100% recycled photo-collage-pen-ink-watercolor, textured 80lb. paper
    12x9 inch Scrapbook--100% recycled...

    Wow that's a big book! This impressive, ecojot 12x9 inch Scrapbook, designed by Carolyn Gavin and laudable for its environmental merits (see below), is perfect for big projects and all day scrapbooking. A good book for any project where you want a

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